summer with the sangha

begins Sunday, June 24 and runs through Sunday, july 22.

संघ || san·gha || säNG(ɡ)ə

Sangha is a term you've heard us use often, and it holds a space in our heart.

At it's most simple definition, sangha is commUNITY.

But at it's heart, sangha is a community built upon spiritual awareness, lifting each other up in radical whole-ness, in coming together, and in planting roots together. Sangha is the rooting down, the firm foundation in which we can plant our feet, and e x p a n d.

This little challenge will get you on your mat more often, and we hope that, in turn, you start reaching our to those beside you, who may be on their own mats, but together, we hold space for transformation. 

Four weeks to dive into practice. To try new teachers. To get our of your old rut and into a new, perfect experience. To transform. To CONNECT.

>> here's how it works <<

Come get a card at the studio on your next visit. It's on you to remember to bring this to classes! Point card must be present at time of class!  Scorecards are to be turned in at the studio no later than 5:30pm on Sunday, July 22 during our celebration class to be eligible to win any prizes.

You fill out the which class you're at and the date, then the instructor will initial it and write the points in. The more classes you take, the more points you get!Events count for extra points as well (listed below.)

Every week we'll update this page with the highlighted classes of the week (meaning opportunities for 2x, 3x, 5x the points!)

This all finished at our Summer with the Sangha celebration on Sunday July 22 at 5:30- where we can all gather together as one commUNITY.

>> what you could get <<

(Scorecard must be turned in by our finale class at 5:30 on July 22 to be eligible for prizes!)

25 points and over by July 22: {be} Studio coffee mug, a {be} sticker, and a free class!


3rd place: $50 Lululemon gift card
2nd place: Lululemon yoga mat and 1 month unlimited yoga ($150 value)
1st place: $100 lululemon gift card and 3 months unlimited yoga ($400 value)

class schedule

5:30pm class: 1 point

All other classes: 2 points



bonus points:

Week of Monday July 16 to Sunday July 22


MONDAY | 6:00 restorative with Marie

SUNDAY | 4:00 yoga nidra with Ryan

SUNDAY | 5:30 vinyasa with Ji (the finale class!)

3 points available for each.

PLUS TEN extra points for Marie's workshop listed below!



event schedule



ashtanga weekend with eddie eisiminger

He's baaaack! Eddie returns from Napa, CA with a world of knowledge to share. Having studied and practice Ashtanga Yoga for years, including a training under Tim Miller, you can expect Eddie to encourage belief in your strength, as well as

Led Primary Series
Friday, July 6 from 5:30 - 7pm
3 points

Depth Practice: a Master Class
Saturday, July 7 from 1 - 3pm
5 points

Yoga + Gut Health
Sunday, July 8 from 9:30 - 11:30am
5 points

healing breath and yoga for awakening with brian assam

Join us for this two day event weaving breath, kundalini, and philosophy with guest teacher Brian Assam. Brian is a teacher in Sioux Falls, and is bringing us two different workshops to integrate us into whole-ness.

Healing Breath Yoga, Meditation and Sound Therapy
Friday, June 29th from 7 - 8:45pm
3 points

Yoga for Awakening: Vinyasa, Kundalini, Sound Healing, Numerology (and more!)
Saturday, June 30 from 1 - 3pm
5 points


be still: a mini meditation retreat with marie

Get a taste of a meditation retreat experience without going away- stay right here in Sioux City. We'll explore the inner landscape with compassion and curiosity to evoke stillness, and move through different meditation techniques (some will be movement based).

Leave with the fundamental tools to start your own meditation practice, empowering you to create a positive imprint on your life.

Mini Meditation Retreat
Friday, July 20 from 6 - 8pm
Saturday, July 21 from 1:30 - 3:30pm
Sunday, July 22 from 1:30 - 3:30pm

10 points for all sessions

new moon circle in cancer with ji

Gather together in sacred space. New moons mark the beginning of a cycle, when the moon is dark, empty, brewing, and full of limitless possibilities. It is a highly potent time to refine our desires and plant seeds of intention for the cycle ahead.

This inclusive evening together pulls from many origins of symbolism, philosophy, and wisdom where we can all come together as one.

Set intentions. Seek the Heart. Be here now.

New Moon Circle
Saturday, July 14 from 7 - 8:15pm
3 points