private sessions


individual or group privates

Catered to your needs. What strength? Relaxation? Have chronic pain or anxiety? Need ot be refreshed? Tuned-up?

A one-on-one private will let you have direct contact with a teacher who is solely focused on your needs and specific requests. Group privates can be done for a group of friends, work colleagues, sports teams, and more. 

Each instructor sets their own pricing for these privates, but are mostly around $60 for an individual session, and $100 for a group.


aerial privates

Aerial privates are an amazing way to grab a few of your friends, split the cost, and have an afternoon of FLYING together! Bond together, experience something brand new, and have FUN.

** Please note there is limited availability on these sessions. Plan in advance.

Individual aerial private: $75, 60 minutes

Group aerial private: $150, 60 minutes, up to 8 people.



birthday, baby shower, bridal, or bachelorette parties!

Book the studio for a private session (regular yoga or aerial!) and stay for awhile after to celebrate your event!

Our instructors work hard to make sure the space is uplifting and inviting for all types of occasions.