class packages

single drop-in - $15

10 classes - $80


new to {be}?

first week always free!



1 month unlimited - $100

6 month unlimited - $500



on cancelling classes

Specialty classes (classes with limited availability, ie. aerial)

24 hour cancellation window. Within window or no-show, you are still charged for this class because of waitlists and spaces available. We appreciate prompt notice of you not attending special classes so we can open up the spot to someone else.

on class packages

Packages expire one year from the date of purchase.  We do not extend expiration dates on these packages

on cancelling workshops/events/trainings

single day workshops

7 day cancellation window. Message us with questions!

on series

30 day cancellation window.

on trainings or special series

60 day cancellation window. Applies to teacher trainings and the goddess series, as well as larger series.

on snow days

Stay tuned to our FaceBook and Instagram! Just because the schools cancel doesn't mean we do! We post updates often if the weather gets bad.