A soft place to land.


{be}Studio is here to offer the community a deeply intentional studio that is rooted in the foundations of yoga, mindfulness and healing practices. We offer classes and services that will bring people to experience a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives. Whether your focus is physical, mental or spiritual; this space is here to help you awaken to the awareness that have all that you need right now to be whole.

The studio space is designed to be a sanctuary, a soft place to land where all are welcome. Each instructor, yoga class, programs and offerings are intelligently designed to support you in returning home to your self so that you can be with all there is in this life in a way that is easeful and open.

core values



A space to explore, cultivate and create; we empower liberated movement in body, mind and spirit. We believe by illuminating our heart’s authentic desires, we move towards contentment.


Weaving the threads of body and soul, this studio embodies and ignites passionate living and meaningful relationships with one’s self, others and the world around them.


To create an environment where physical and mental thriving takes place through education, experience and connections that are sacred, sound and rich with possibility.



We acknowledge and respect the ancient art and practice of yoga; rooted in tantra and buoyed by ayurveda. Self-study and studentship are priorities in our teachings and in our own practices. We translate this wisdom into real-world experience.