jackie paulson
owner, e-ryt 500,LICENSED mental health Counselor energy worker, certified aerial instructor

Jackie holds a deeply held intention in her work: to empower somatic awareness that increases the connection and sacred wisdom within individuals and communities.  She facilitates in depth yoga trainings, experiential process groups, Equine Assisted Counseling and energywork through {be}Studio.

The inspiration that fuels her teaching includes philosophy, myth, depth psychology and subtle body practices.  A lifelong student of the practice, Jackie completed her 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Sianna Sherman of Rasa Yoga in October 2017. 


jianna hoss
studio manager, e-ryt 200, certified aerial instructor

Probably outside or upside down, Jianna is a believer in the yoga mat as a laboratory: a place to explore and learn. Classes with Jianna pull from many movement modalities and aim to bridge the gap between traditional yoga asana and modern movement science.

Most interested in things outside, she is an adventure partner, off the grid enthusiast, rookie slackliner, and occasional climber.


marie mortensen
mFA, RYT-500, Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator

Danish-born Marie Mortensen started her career pursuing movement as an artistic endeavor, and holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Iowa. She completed her 200 and 300 hour yoga teacher trainings at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, and in 2014 she completed training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

The heartfelt intention for Marie is to help guide students on an inward journey to their true Self, and help translate their ability to flow on the yoga mat to skillful engagement and participation in the flow of life off the mat.


ryan allen
PhD, RYT-200, RCYTT-95

Ryan is an Associate Professor of English and writing at Briar Cliff University and the co-owner of Lumin Therapy, which provides direct care and integration of the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of yoga and mindfulness for individuals suffering with trauma, as well as for kids and individuals with special needs.


robert nelson

During his 200hr training at {be} Bob dedicated himself to a daily practice during that process and experienced the transformation that the classes promised. Bob wants to pass on what he has learned and humbly invites more meant to begin the practice of yoga



Michelle believes yoga is an opportunity to come back to yourself, to find peace in the chaos of the world.  After practicing yoga on and off since college she felt the pull in 2017 to immerse herself in the study of yoga through {be} yoga studio’s teacher training.  Through her training she gained knowledge in yoga philosophy, developed her personal practice and allowed herself to trust her heart was leading her where she was supposed to be. 

Her hope as a teacher is to guide students to return to their center, embrace their practice and share with them her love for meditation.  Most important she wants to hold space because space has been held for her. 



Ariel fell in love with the practice of yoga after her first time in a studio. Being a gymnast for quite some time, her body felt at home while mindfully moving and breathing. The insight and awareness the practice provoked, inspired and enlivened Ariel to follow the yogic path. Shortly after her start in 2014, she discovered AcroYoga. Connecting and creating movement with another human kept her coming back for more. Ariel loves guiding both yoga and AcroYoga and helping others to bring the divinity that lies within, into their own unique form of movement arts.


ryt-200, soar yoga teacher

My classes are authentic; inviting light and space, and a soothing voice, I create a welcoming and safe environment. I call the student to dig deep and bring their best self out into the light. I am thorough in cueing poses, but also ask the students to make the practice their own.

My students leave practice feeling positive about their experience. They are refreshed, but grounded. I am consistent in my teaching, so my students can count on me to be available for them. Every “body” is perfect. Perfect for yoga. 

I continue to enhance my yoga practice and teaching skills with continuing educational workshops and trainings. I have studied Goddess Archetypes and their stories, and how they relate to various aspects of our psyches, behaviors and life patterns, both light and dark. I am also exploring Mondo Zen meditation. Mondo Zen, an updated version of Japanese and Chinese Zen, which favors the practice of meditative, compassionate awareness and mindful stewardship