Student of the Month: Cynthia Donovan

Community is such an important aspect of the framework of {be}Studio. We hope that this space (and this practice) is a soft place to land, no matter what’s going on in your journey.

Over the years, all of you have walked through these doors with your own unique story- why you came to this practice, what made you stay, the fluctuations, struggles, and celebrations you’ve had. We’re beginning a monthly highlight on some of the incredible individuals that walk through these doors, because, as Jackie often says, we hear you. We see you. We feel you.

With that…

meet Cynthia


Why do you practice yoga?

Yoga- Yoga- Yoga- I began my practice to help me breathe- I had part of my lung removed - so with Jianna's guidance, even though I sobbed every morning after my practice because I could breathe easier. Then came just pure joy of being with others who loved the practice - the symmetry and non-competitiveness really fills me. Mostly I love that I can take care of my spirit - my soul and my being. I am not the strongest student but i really really really do love the practice of breathe and movement.

How has {be} impacted you?

The guides, the teachers have really assisted in my wanting to be a better calmer person but all the while still being real. I love that Marie will sometimes say during a difficult long pose- “Now turn the sides of your mouth up...” It’s great to giggle. I need to go to yoga at least four times a week... It may not always be at this studio but like in AA I check out and see what classes I can crash into. My friends, that know me, know how important my yoga practise has become. My husband relies on my going to yoga (I am not nearly so grumpy.)

Not too long ago I was battling a very deep despairing depression. I didn’t go to yoga for a couple of weeks. My wrist was broken - and when the cast came off, the doctors said that my ability to do a yoga practice would be very limitied. I would cry while driving, cry while sitting, cry while walking, cry while showering... BUT I picked at my spirit and went to Marie's class - that was the beginning of the end of my sadness. With time and patience, I can do a downward dog - despite what the doctors said. {be}Grateful is what this studio means to me.

What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

When i am not in the studio - I work full time BUT I love to cook fun meals, I love to watch movies and read books and in the spring, summer and fall, I am on my bicycle. Cycling is like meditation on two wheels.

Jianna Hoss