student of the month: conner brown

Community is such an important aspect of the framework of {be}Studio. We hope that this space (and this practice) is a soft place to land, no matter what’s going on in your journey.

Over the years, all of you have walked through these doors with your own unique story- why you came to this practice, what made you stay, the fluctuations, struggles, and celebrations you’ve had. We’re beginning a monthly highlight on some of the incredible individuals that walk through these doors, because, as Jackie often says, we hear you. We see you. We feel you.

With that…

meet conner


Why do you practice yoga?

My interest in yoga was originally and is still primarily fitness. After a few months I now feel more in tune with my own body than ever. I can do, reach and feel things I never have before. That said, I come back for more than that. Regular practice has proven able to ground me and is a constant source of vitality that I can't do without anymore.

How has {be} impacted you?

{be} has become a place I associate with friendship, dedication, and compassion. It has brought me fellowship and mentorship. I've learned indispensable truths about myself, the people I care about, and the world through moments of self-reflection I've had at the studio.

What do you do when you’re not practicing yoga?

My greatest passion is motorcycling. Something I've always felt but never understood until yoga became a prominent part of my life is that for me, motorcycling is meditation. The focus required removes all thought from the mind except for the task at hand. It requires vigilance. When I find myself distracted while riding, I remember the breath. I also enjoy swimming, climbing, the outdoors, board games, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Jianna Hoss