ROAD LISTENS: podcasts


Whether for your daily commute, something to put on during cleaning, or for your end of summer road trip, here's a few podcasts we love dearly. Podcasts are a great way to invite in auditory listening and creative imagination-- and the most amazing thing is that there's many that correlate perfect to our yogic lives or pertain to our physical practices!

for living wisdom


"Living as humans, and learning to love one another. My incredible teacher Lora McCarville suggests the 005 Sharon Salzburg episode and its impeccable." - Ji

Chitheads: Embodied Philosophy

Michael A. Rodriguez on Awareness and Awakening (#63) -Jackie

Philosophize This!

 "Philosophize This! is a nice survey of major philosophers and philosophy movements through time." -Kim

for yoga


Weaves philosophy and interviews with renowned teachers to foundational alignment and injury prevention methods.

Mindful Strength with Kathryn Bruni-Young

"One of my favorite podcasts since it speaks volumes to creating a sustainable yoga practice, but with use of movement science and strength training methods. If you've been liking the movement articulation in my classes, this is a great resource to continue the mental body and physical body learning." - Ji

Yoga Talks with J. Brown

Primarily philosophy based that poses great questions for us to calibrate our practice with.

Johnathan Foust 

"He lived at Kripalu for 20 years and served as the president of the center. Now he lives in Washington D.C. and puts out this beautiful podcast focused on meditation and living mindfully." - Marie

for mind/brain

Hidden Brain

"Rewinding & Rewriting: The Alternate Universes in Our Heads speaks to how we can embody our humanhood and use alternate realities to help heal ourselves AND When Everything Clicks: The Power Of Judgment-Free Learning for how we can efficiently learn without seeking approval. Both come to mind often when teaching, practicing, and moving through life!"


ALL episodes, but our all-time favorite is Fearless.

for misc.

The Birth Hour

For all the mamas or mamas to be out there!

TED Radio Hour

TED Talks, radio form, and combined for storytelling.

More Perfect

"More Perfect does a great job of explaining major Supreme Court cases and tell the personal stories behind them." -Kim

On Being with Krista Tippett

 "I listen religiously to On Being with Krista Tippett, for life inspiration in general, and there has been a couple of episodes on yoga. One was with Matthew Sanford called Compassion for Our Bodies — Matthew Sanford, and one with Seane Corn called Yoga, Meditation in Action." - Marie

"Getting Proximate to Pain, and Holding to the Power of Love" - Jackie

Opening to the Question of Belonging - Ji




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