Nourish New Growth: The Regenerative Force of Letting Go

One of our plants in the studio has seen better days. 

Slowly it has become brown, dry and withered. I tried to revive it, but let’s just say that my plant skills are less than “green.” I just kept watering it, watching it, encouraging it to grow, hoping it would come back alive. It didn’t. But there it sat and each day, despite its sunny spot and dosage of water, it continued to deplete and die. 


I enlisted the help from an actual plant person to oversee the situation. The day after this student came to tend to the beautiful green families that share space with us at the studio, I walked in to see the dying plant in a new spot in the studio and completely trimmer away. All of the leaves, no longer brown and dying, but just… gone. The only thing that remained was the dirt that held the roots and these brown stems that once held the sad and drooping leaves. I trusted the person who was caring for them, so just waited. 

I didn’t have to be patient for to long, because in just a few short days the most stunning, emerald green bud started growing from the brown stem. As I write this, that bud has blossomed into a gorgeous spiral movement towards the sky and three little green children have followed her ascent.

Today, I was having coffee with a friend. We were talking about our full schedules and busy lives…how we had so many important causes and creations that we wanted to tend to and were trying to give our full attention. How we are watering them one day and forgetting about them the next because we had our “hands in too many pots.” We shared our frustrations about giving just a little to so much because our resources were spread thin, only hoping and becoming disappointed when nothing would really grow because we felt committed to it all. Amongst our conversation, I remember my little plant ally that was miraculously healed by a woman who was at peace with “letting go”.

Even the energy of the stars have been asking us to “cut away our dead leaves.”

The trees echo this remembrance each day as autumn moves deeper and deeper into its descent. What needs to be trimmed in our lives so that we can truly grow into something nourishing and vibrant? SIMPLIFY and CLARIFY seems to be the message these days. Releasing, saying goodbye and endings are incredible regenerative forces. Even savasana (corpse pose) at the end of the yoga practice reminds us of the importance of endings. It is here, we are given space to grow into the possibilities.  I’m uncomfortable with goodbyes and endings. I will keep watering something, hoping it will flourish when sometimes, as nature shows us, the best thing we can do it cut it apart, trim what seems to be dying so that new growth can emerge. 

What in your life could you cut back so that there is more space?  It may feel empty at first, but if one is patient and trusting, surely, something beautiful will emerge. 

In love,

P.S. Sending out a major love to Ariel for loving on our plants and keeping them healthy!

Jaclyn PaulsonComment