ROAD LISTENS: podcasts

Whether for your daily commute, something to put on during cleaning, or for your end of summer road trip, here's a few podcasts we love dearly. Podcasts are a great way to invite in auditory listening and creative imagination-- and the most amazing thing is that there's many that correlate perfect to our yogic lives or pertain to our physical practices!

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jianna hoss
sweet summer reads from your {be} guides

Self-study is such a key component of our collective yoga practice- it's a niyama (a limb of yoga that deals with observances). This is one of the first things that happens when we arrive on our mat. We are asked to look within, to dive deeper, to notice the Self... and then it begins to shift our life off the mat and in the world. Here’s some of our favorite deep (and not so deep) reads to amplify your summer!

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