What's the difference between the 200 and 300 hour program?

Our 200 hour program is the key that unlocks the door to the vast knowledge on the lifestyle of yoga whereas the 300 hour program opens the unlocked door and walks in. The major difference is the depth of knowledge discussed.

The 300hour program is designed for those who have already gone through a 200 hour (anywhere, not just with us!) Completion of this course allows you to register as an RYT-200.


What if I have to miss a weekend?

Let us know prior to registration and we are willing to work with it! 

In regards tot he schedule, we allow for up to 6 hours of missed time. That time can be made up through assigned self-study and homework assignments. Missing additional hours will require you to make up direct contact hours through additional workshops, series, and private sessions. The fee for these make up hours vary and are not factored into the program tutition. This is a Yoga Alliance standard we must adhere to.

Therefore,it is very important that we are in communication about missed time! We are definitely willing to work with things you already have scheduled, and shoot us any questions you could possibly have about hours, the schedule, and more!

Is this program right for me? What if...?

Let's sit down, have coffee and chat! (Or phone call as well!)

We can definitely answer any questions/concerns you may have about the investment that is teacher training. Just know that other people have probably asked the same exact questions you have!

You move on to become a certified yoga teacher! However, this does not mean that you have to teach! A lot of teacher training attendees don't want to teach initially(it may change!) Students moe on to deeper study, teahcing, subbing classes, or just furthering their own interest in the study of yoga.

Completion of all the requirements allows you to register as a yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

What happens after I complete the program?