a note from jackie 


This letter is to inform you of a change in the future operations of {be}Studio beginning January 1st, 2020. But first, I would like to share some background. 


Since opening {be}Studio, I have I dedicated my whole being to its mission of service. When I made the decision to venture into this commitment, I vowed to give it 100% as I truly considered it like my own child, a creation of love and service. This studio brought me back to my truest self both in my own body - as well as the body of my relationship with my husband. We were never able to have children up to that point. Creating this space brought us to a place of union and a remembering of our deep love for one another. In that, we considered this studio to be our “love child” when we couldn’t have our own. I knew that if I showed up to the work with the dedication of a mother to her child, the practice would show up for each of you in a way that would be POWERFUL and it truly has been for these past four years. I made a commitment to never compromise my values, integrity and standard of service to those that took the time, money and trust to invest in me and into {be}Studio.

Fast forward four years and the circumstances in my life have changed significantly. We now have been blessed with a 16 month old - our miracle baby who finally decided to show up - and to our great surprise another little boy who is just a month old. As the great saying goes, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”


Neal and I have been rigorously and honestly reflecting on my ability to effectively manage the studio space while having these beautiful two babies in our lives. After incredible contemplation and prayer, we have made a decision to step away from operating {be}studio, so that I could focus my attention on what I do best - serving each of your directly through therapy, teaching and other workshops and services; alongside of being a mother. So we set out to find a find a way to both keep this space available to health and wellness opportunities while reducing the managerial work that comes with owning a yoga studio. 


I am excited to share that the space will be transitioning to the care of a new owner who will be opening a studio under a different name, but with the same hopes in mind - to offer Siouxland a space where they can be well and served in their health and holistic journeys. We will share more information about that soon! {be}studio as a collective yoga studio will take a pause while Jackie continues to offer therapy, yoga classes and workshops in the same location just in a more focused and individualized way under her own name, Jackie Paulson. You will still be able to take yoga classes and other offerings from a variety of instructors in this space, it will just be operated slightly different in the way you schedule and make transactions with the teachers. The new studio will be more of a co-working space for health and wellness teachers and professionals who will now have the opportunity to be even more creative and successful in their offerings by being independent - all the while - utilizing the same gorgeous space on Historic 4th street. More information about that will come in the upcoming weeks and I can’t wait to share and support this new vision of wellness! 

Below is a Q&A portion to succinctly answer some of the common questions that might arise due to this change. Please know that I am happy to respond and answer any questions or concerns that any of you might have at any time. The best way to pose those questions is via email at info@beyogasc.com.


I consider many of you family and friends. I wish that I could have told each of you individually and hope that you can understand my need for discretion until the time was right to share. 

Ultimately, I want each of you to know that this is not an easy choice and It is a bittersweet time in both celebrating what has been and welcoming what’s to come. Change is always an interesting thing to hold, but I know that this is truly what’s best for my family and for the space as it wasn’t receiving the attention it truly deserved. My feelings for this space, each of you who have committed your time, trust and energy here as both students and teachers, and all of the ways in which we have served and have the potential to continue serving - has left me continuously exploring this next step with curiosity and grace. The yoga practice informs me especially in moments such as this one. There is incredible possibility when we allow life to flow in and out as it naturally does without attachment to what it should look like. I believe there are many seen and unseen blessings in all of this for our community as a whole and that in this decision there is going to be space for something else that can and will continue to serve in the highest way.


My plan is to focus my time on my children and serving people directly through my therapy practice, yoga classes and other direct offerings. Not much will change in your opportunity to practice and connect with me! In releasing the duties of direct management of the yoga studio, I will have more space to offer you even more quality services! Please see the Q&A portion for information on what you can expect for each of the services that I offer and how they might continue after the first of the year. 

Each of the teachers have been informed of these changes and will be making their own decisions about how they would like to proceed. As they decide, I will be happy to share and support their next endeavor whether it is continuing teaching in this space under the new management or elsewhere and in any other ways! 


More information will continue to unfold to you as more details are finalized. I am here with you as we move through this change together. I plan to be present before and after classes as much 
As possible to answer any questions in person and again am available to respond through email or phone as needed. 

Thank you for your understanding, patience and love as we shift and dance in this ever moving and mysterious life! 

As was my mantra at the beginning of this endeavor, so it shall also bring me through this too, “what is done in love, is done well”

With all my humble love, 


What does this mean for my class package and account purchases? 

Students will have until December 31st, 2019 to use their class packages. At that time all packages will expire. Please do your best to come and utilize the space and teachings in these next two months. If you have questions or concerns about your package please email Jackie at info@beyogasc.com

What does this mean for unused gift cards? 

Gift cards will be honored through {be}Studio until December 31st, 2019. After that date, gift cards will be honored only through services and offerings with Jackie Paulson.

What is the plan for Jackie in 2020 and how can I find out about what’s next? 

My plan is to focus my time serving the community directly through my therapy practice, yoga classes and other direct offerings. I will be offering these services through an office space on the same floor as the studio, in the same studio space just under the new operations and through other avenues as the opportunity arises. I will be releasing more information on where you can practice, learn and transform with me in the next few months. Visit my website, Follow me on social media and through my newsletter to stay up to date! Below are the links on where you can find me. 

How can I find out what the other instructors will be doing in 2020? 

{be}studio’s website and social media pages will remain active and stay up to date with links to the new studio’s website which will then list current offerings and classes. Each teacher will make their own decision about how they would like to continue communicating with students and we will share those as teachers share them with us! 

What does this mean for yoga teacher trainings past and future?

The future of teacher trainings with Jackie will be announced in 2020. Students who have already gone through our teacher trainings should see the post on their group page {be}Connected or contact Jackie at info@beyogasc.com with specific questions about their remaining requirements and how to obtain certification if they haven’t already. 

What does this mean for Prenatal Services? 

Jackie and Michelle will continue building our prenatal and offerings for mothers, caregivers and families. We are excited to share those opportunities with you soon and as they evolve. 

What does this mean for Aerial Yoga? 

The new studio is hoping to build the Aerial community by finding an instructor(s) dedicated to that practice! 

What does this mean for the upcoming and future Goddess Sessions? 

The upcoming Goddess series will be offered at the current gorgeous space on 4th street! 

What does this mean for other teachers and health and wellness professionals in the community who would like to offer something through this space? 

Professionals can contact Jackie at info@beyogasc.com if they would like to Offer something before the end of the year. If you are interested in sharing your offerings in 2020 in this space, please contact Vickie at vickieperera@gmail.com. 

What can students expect for these final few months of 2019? 

Students can expect the same gorgeous offerings that we have been sharing, along with incredible opportunities for this community to share and honor this space together. Jackie has a lot planned for the next few months as we say “Thank You” to all of you and what {be} has shared with the community these past four years! Stay tuned!!