class descriptions


The fluid and dynamic movements of a vinyasa class immerse you into a moving meditation, led by the breath. Creatively and intelligently sequenced, you’ll begin and end slow, while the middle of class builds to a “one breath per movement” flow.

Each teacher at {be} will guide you though a unique expression of “vinyasa” based upon their own practices, trainings, and experiences.

You can expect: creative and intelligent flows, upbeat playlists, wisdom sharing


The rooms a bit warmer, music a bit louder, and flow a bit stronger. This vinyasa flow is designed to challenge you- in body AND mind, to achieve new limits. This is a dynamic, strong, and quick paced class.

This class is heated to 85+ degrees. be suggest bringing a Bottle of water.

You can expect: opportunities to advance your practice, upbeat playlists, community, and sweat


The word “hatha” can be translated two ways: as “willful” or “forceful,” or the yoga of activity, and as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), the yoga of balance.

Hatha practices are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit in preparation for meditation.

A class based on heart and soul, you can expect to be challenged in many different ways, including holding postures longer and genuinely tapping into your breath.

You can expect: longer held postures, no music, a deep integration of the breath, cultivated strength, joy


Practice with ease. Unwind with slow movement and gentle stretching, sealed with a short meditation. Re-arrive to your day reset, energized, and balanced. This lunchtime class is gentle enough it can be done in your work clothes.

You can expect: gentle and unwinding postures, guided meditation, stillness and ease


Calm the mind and be supported. This grounding practice uses props to practice a series of supported postures. These supported postures are held long enough to release excess residual tension of your day while calming the mind and nervous system. Class will finish with a guided yoga nidra practice (yogic sleep) which is great way to nourish your whole self.

You can expect: sweet surrender, long held postures supported by props, deep relaxation


We all start somewhere, and this class is the perfect balance to introducing yoga to beginners, as well as revisiting basics for avid students. This class focuses primarily on foundation yoga postures, mindfulness with breath, and clarity of mind.

You can expect: alignment instruction, focus on breath, wisdom sharing


Movement Flow is a hybrid practice: a blend of the poses and aspects you love from yoga, mixed with other movement modalities. While you can still expect to work with the breath and aspects of flow, you'll also work with mobility, stability, coordination, and balance, all rooted in modern movement science.

Create a practice that is rooted in inquiry and curiosity, as well as building upon your capacity to learn new movement patterns through a variety of techniques and methods. Move well. Feel at ease.

You can expect: upbeat playlists, mobility training, use of the sensory feedback in movement, longer holds occasionally. Class will begin slow, build up to a flow of movement, and end with deep rest (an important component in recovery.) This class is suitable for all levels (and especially perfect for those looking to increase passive and active range of motion, those wishing to move better and more often, as well as those simply curious about movement.)


Gentle therapeutic yoga with a focus on aging well ~ no matter what your age may be! A gentle practice designed to help maintain flexibility, balance and strength. Helping to combat common chronic conditions & stress as well as some autoimmune conditions.

You can expect: to find space in body & mind, music and poetry are shared