aerial yoga

earth below me, sky above me.

Aerial Yoga is a fun and transformative new way to practice traditional yoga. Experience your yoga practice in a completely different way.

Using a soft, fabric aerial hammock suspended from the ceiling, you’ll explore new and traditional yoga asanas (yogic postures) with your body weight partially or fully supported. This allows you to expand flexibility, increase range of motion, build strength, lengthen the spine, and relax the nervous system.

Never more than a few feet off the ground, you’ll let go into gravity, be held in the hammock, and awaken yogic bliss.

What classes are offered at {be}?

We offer our required intro to aerial class (you begin here!) as well as aerial vinyasa which threads together regular yoga with the freedom of flight! 

An intro to aerial class is absolutely REQUIRED before coming to aerial vinyasa.

Can I schedule group or individual private aerial yoga sessions?

YES! And we would LOVE to host you! This is a great and personalized way to learn the hammock whether by yourself, with a friend or a group of people you love! From birthday parties to bachelorette and bridal, it's a fun way to spend time together. Head here to inquire more about scheduling a session.

Is Aerial Yoga contradinidcated or risky for people with certain conditions?

If you have a spinal condition, injury, or medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, untreated high blood pressure, etc) or backbending, please obtain your doctor’s permission. It is not recommended for pregnant women after the first trimester.

When are classes offered?

Although we don’t have a weekly aerial class, we still offer aerial foundations and other workshops/series often throughout the year. You can check our Facebook for a list of upcoming events, as well as our events page here. Pre-registration is required for all aerial events as space is limited.

What do I wear/not wear and what do I need to know to prepare for a class?

For hygienic reasons and to avoid fabric burns, wear clothing that covers your underarms and knees. No zippers, snaps, or jewelry. Wedding bands are okay. Please be considerate – no perfumes, scented or oily body lotion.

Do I need to register beforehand?

Yes! Our classes do fill up, and because we only have so many hammocks, we can only have so many people practicing at once! If you cancel or don't show for your aerial class within 24 hours, you are still charged for your spot.

What happens if I am "waitlisted" to the class?

Be patient! We often have cancellations and the spot gets opened up the the first person on the waitlist. We will contact you via call/text to confirm that the spot is yours.