a 300 hour yoga teacher training


a 300 hr training

We invite you to not only wake up, but AWAK{in}.

Coming June 2019; Registration is open until April.

{be}Studio is excited to announce Sioux City’s first 300hr Yoga Study and Teacher Training Program. Registered with Yoga Alliance as a 300hr Program, {be}Studio is proud to serve your intentions as a student and teacher of yoga right here in Sioux City, IA. We are ready to offer you a program that is sound, integrated and truly expansive without having to travel too far from the comfort of your own home. 

AWAK{in} is an opportunity to go beyond a 200 hour training and deep into the realms of Yoga. It is a journey back into your own body and heart, where the spirit of the practice lives. A 200hr training offers the foundational aspects of yoga that serves as a base for both self practice and guiding others in the practice. As Jackie often says - “a 200hr program is a key that unlocks a door to infinite doors.”

A 300hr program is, then, choosing a dimension of the yoga practice and exploring that perspective at depth. Our 300hr program is open to those who have already been certified at a 200hr Level from any program and are interested in devoting themselves to a deeper awareness of this dynamic and ever evolving system of self-actualization. 

It is our intention that AWAK{in} be a journey through the historical, philosophical and subtle dimensions of the practice back into your own body, mind and heart. The design of this experience is inspired by the Koshas - or energetic layers that move from the outermost layer of the body to the deep spiritual core of consciousness that is Ananda (Bliss). Each “module” or spiral of the program is embraced by the focus that within the physical nature of our bodies holds the living wisdom of the practice. 

Through a labyrinth of learning, we invite you to more deeply access the Practice of Living through the intelligent and ancient art of yoga.

To do so, we will dive deeper into the somatic experience of movement from the most physical to the most subtle - physiological, philosophical, emotional, energetic and spiritual. Like the breath that expands out and draws back in, we will continually seek wisdom from the ancient teachings of yoga and then draw into our own personal experience of living - weaving the two together like an exquisite dance of mind, body and heart.



about the program



Students will deepen their knowledge of physical anatomy as it relates to the somatic experiencing of the practice. More specific attention will be placed on not only the physical structure of the body such as muscles and bones, but also other systems including the nervous, endocrine, lymphatic and digestive systems within the practices of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and more. 

mudras + mantra

Students will distill their knowledge and skill on how to both practice and guide others in the practice of pranayama through weaving the wisdom of energetic anatomy, mudras, mantras and bandhas in the experience. 


Viewing the role of the teacher as a canvas for self-actualization, students will explore how to guide self and others through self-transformative experiences. 

teaching to special populations

Students will identify various special populations in yoga and learn specific wisdom in how to serve them. We will specifically explore populations related to mental and emotional wellness and physical manifestations of mental and emotional challenges (i.e. chronic pain, fibromyalgia, etc). Students will understand the practice as a way of offering wholeness and healing to ourselves and our students, by returning back to the intelligent nature of the body, will be the thread to our learning.

subtle body

Students will harness the power of stillness, observation and examine the role of meditation that is so often missed in today’s yoga. Both historic and contemporary meditation practices will be examined and experienced. 

shadow work


Students will expand their understanding of ayurveda as it relates to the mind and emotional body. We will explore yogic practices related to clarifying and purifying the mental body as a way of finding balance and equanimity within the entire system. 


Rooted in the realm of Tantra, gain confidence in accessing their most radiant self as it relates to the practices outlined in this tantric texts and teachings. Explore living with a profound sense of self love and compassion, a deep appreciation for this life, passionate living, courage to honor your own unique path without judging or comparing to others' journeys, Freedom in expression and JOY. 

shadow work

Students will gain in depth awareness of themselves, their own journeys and how their habits/patterns (samskaras) influence facilitating the practice for others. We will review concepts of spiritual bypassing and how this relates to our personal and professional embodiment of the practice of yoga in community and relationship. 



the logistics 

Beginning June of 2019, our program will be offered once per year to every other year depending on the need and interest in the community. Training modules will be offered one weekend per month and there will be a retreat during August 2019. Retreat cost is figured into your cost for the training so that you can just come and experience! 



Each weekend module will have the same hours:
Friday 6-10pm and Saturday/Sunday 8-5pm with a lunch break.

** THIS TRAINING HAS BEEN POSTPONED. please contact us wiht any questions you may have. **


Total investment for the training includes the diversity of instruction, studio space, weekend materials, spiral-bound manual, and total retreat costs. This does not include the cost of books or travel to the retreat held in eastern Iowa.

payment plan

If choose the payment plan option, the non-refundable deposit is $1,500 will hold your space in the training.. Month payments are $291/month (June 2019 - May 2020). The total cost for this option is $5,000.

paid in full (prior to start date)

If choosing this option, a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 is require to secure your space in this training. The remainder can be paid any point prior to the start date.

the faculty


Jackie Paulson, lead instructor, LMHC, E-RYT500, Certified Aerial Instructor, EAGALA Certified

Jackie holds a deeply held intention in her work: to empower somatic awareness that increases the connection and sacred wisdom within individuals and communities.  She facilitates in depth yoga trainings, experiential process groups, Equine Assisted Counseling and energywork through {be}Studio. She has been in the helping field and studying yoga for over the past 10 years and is dedicated to being a student first in order to bring fresh and relevant wisdom to her teachings. 

The inspiration that fuels her teaching includes philosophy, myth, depth psychology and subtle body practices.  A lifelong student of the practice, Jackie completed her 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification with Sianna Sherman of Rasa Yoga in October 2017. 

Marie Mortensen, support instructor, MFA, RYT-500, Trauma Sensitive Facilitator

Danish-born Marie Mortensen started her career pursuing movement as an artistic endeavor, and holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Iowa. She completed her Yoga Teacher Certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts, and in 2014 she completed training in Trauma Sensitive Yoga.

The heartfelt intention for Marie is to help guide students on an inward journey to their true Self, and help translate their ability to flow on the yoga mat to skillful engagement and participation in the flow of life off the mat. She completed the 300-Teacher Training program at Kripalu and graduated in September of 2018.

Michele Palmer, support instructor, MSPT, ATMAT, RYT, CMT

Michele’s insatiable curiosity and passion for life inspired her to study Mindfulness, Yoga, Movement, Breath and the Somatic Arts for more than 25 years. After completing her master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 2000, Michele specialized in the expansive field of women’s health. Launching a holistic physical therapy practice in Boulder, Colorado, and now in Sioux City, Iowa, Michele has assisted hundreds of women on their health and healing journeys.

Michele has studied with many of today’s most luminous teachers of human potential, most recently Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, with whom she completed a two-year Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification. The practice of Mindfulness and Compassion galvanize the highest levels of emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, and form the core of Michele’s work. Michele’s encyclopedic knowledge, enthusiasm, wisdom, and humor complement her joy of teaching.



 are you ready?

I’m curious to learn even more.

Although this training has been postponed, we look forward to offering it in the future. In the meantime, we would love to answer any questions you may have, or even direct you toward other exceptional 300hour trainings local and beyond.

Shoot us a message with any questions, hesitations, or curiosities you may have! We are always willing to message, call, or sit down with you to make sure this is the right fit for you!