{be} illuminated

a 200 hour yoga study + teacher training


Intelligently and uniquely designed, this experience through {be}Studio will prepare students to teach and guide others in the practice, but more important, bring them back home to themselves.

Our 200 hour program is a “tapestry” of ancient wisdom, real-world application, and deep soul journeying. Students will learn to weave the practice into their hearts and lives, taking it off the mat. We whole-heartedly believe in “student first, teacher second.” As such, our program is designed to immerse students into the devotional, integral, and illuminating parts of the yoga practice while staying modern with methodology and philosophy.

Yoga extends far beyond the physical postures and into the vast landscape that is out physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Alongside of learning proper alignment, anatomy, and mindful movement, students will be guided through the other seven limbs of the practice- all designed to being harmony and expansion back to the Self.

We are deep believers in experiential learning to explore the practice. We offer time to practice teach, have open dialogue and discussions, on-going support and community during and after training, and a day with horses to learn mindfulness and energetics. This program also offers consistent opportunities for the student to engage in their own "shadow work," seeing the whole of who we are and being accountable to healing our wounds so that we may move forward with great integrity and empowerment.

More than just learning how to teach yoga, expect to learn how to be in your life fully, with heart.

Be surrounded by a group of teachers who are here to support and uplift you, a space ready to receive you and a program that is truly unlike any other. All skill levels welcome!

Future teacher trainings to be announced.