what to bring

If you have a yoga mat, bring it! If not, we have some available at the studio for you to use. Bring a water bottle!

before class

The studio opens 15 minutes prior to class beginning. If you arrive early, please try to be as quiet as possible as class may be ending in savasana and there are many massage rooms in the lobby.

Sign-in at the desk, and if you’re a new student, fill out a waiver and notify the teacher of any injuries or things you’re working through in the body.

When entering the studio, we ask that you leave your phone, shoes, and belonging outside or in the cubbies right inside the door and not in the practice space.

during class

At times, yoga classes can become very challenging. We ask that you observe the body and listen deeply. After all, yoga is about injury prevention and listened to the sacred body wisdom within… and should not be that which causes injury! Listen to what’s going on. Vary the practice to fit you each day.

after class

Carry the practice with you. Our practice begins when we leave the mat, so bring all the lessons you’ve learned on the mat and spread them!