Where is your studio located? Where should I park?

We are located in historic downtown 4th Street above the Diving Elk! Our address is 1101 4th Street, 3rd floor, Suite 3E. There is metered parking Monday – Friday, 8a – 5p, on the streets surrounding, but free parking behind the building in a large parking lot!

How should I dress? What should I bring?

Wear comfortable, moveable, and depending on the class, breathable clothing. Bring a mat and water!

Do I need a yoga mat?

Yes! But don’t worry if you don’t have one quite yet- we have mats and props for your use at the studio.

What is the cost?

You can view our driving options here! Aerial classes are priced differently and van be viewed here.

What are the best classes for beginners?

Most of our classes are layered, meaning they are accessible for the beginner, the intermediate, and sometimes the advanced yogi. Don’t worry- we were all nervous the first times we practiced!

We do offer a basic class at 9:30 a Saturdays and often host a beginners series. (Check our events page for more information!) Other than that, check out our class offerings page, read the descriptions, and from there determine which one best suits your needs.

I injured ____, can I still practice yoga?

We ask that you consult your doctor first, but for the most part, yes! There can be so much freedom to explore in the body post-injury, post-pregnancy, and post-whatever! As long as it feels good in the body, do it! We do ask that you alert your teacher to any previous or pre-existing conditions you have in the body so that they can make sure you stay safe through the practice.