Love is not what we become but who we already are.
— Stephen Levine

A Note From Jackie:

Once I return from maternity leave, I am shifting the way in which I offer my therapy services. Beginning Fall of 2018, I will be specializing in Counseling for Women specifically.  The therapy experiences that I offer will be centered around women’s specific needs and the focus will be on HEALING through EMBODIED LIVING. 

What brings you to the therapy process is just the threshold to the deeper experience of self actualization and growth that will occur.  Alongside of individual sessions, clients will be invited to participate in a myriad of group process experiences that will be offered in the fall and spring. These will be completely optional but highly encouraged if it seems to be in the client’s best interest. I have found that health and wholeness happens exponentially in a group (especially circles of women) because even though the details of our lives may be unique and dynamic, the root of what’s needed to heal often times is the same. Connection, Belonging and Empowerment will be the impetus to our journey.  Not only can the group experience enhance the healing process but this will also offer a more cost effective opportunity for the client to be seen more often with less impact on their finances. 

I do not accept insurance. Although it is important to me that everyone has access to these services, there are some reasons in particular that I have decided not to proceed forward with that journey with the client’s best interest as motivation. You can read more about the reasons why I do not accept insurance below. 

Those who wish to join in the group process without individual therapy will be welcomed and assessed on a case by case basis. Depending on the group process, each client will be required to meet with Jackie at least once for an intake so that both client and therapist can engage in dialogue about their interest and readiness for that particular group process. Any educational/experiential workshops will be open to all without an intake. This will be specified in the details of the Workshop/Group Process that will be posted on our website and Facebook page. 

When any experience of body, heart, or mind keeps repeating in consciousness, it is a signal that this visitor is asking for a deeper and fuller attention.
— Jack Kornfield

holistic counseling

East meets West. A blend of holistic and alternative methods as a way to enhance evidenced based talk therapy techniques to explore the tapestry of your life. There is no “right” way or “wrong” way.

Holistic counseling takes into account your stories, and in order to heal, works on a physical and spiritual level, along with mental, emotional, and psychological.


energy + shadow work


description here


equine psychotherapy

Equine Assisted Counseling is a team approach to healing through the power of story, experiences and connection with the horse(s). The facilitators, client and horse enter into a storyboard of healing that is open, spacious and directed by the client. Explore the story within.


group processing

description here

Mindfulness has to do with examining who we are, with questioning our view of the world and our place in it, and with cultivating some appreciation for the fullness of each moment we are alive. Most of all, it has to do with being in touch.
— John Kabat Zinn


New clients will be accepted beginning in September of 2018.  Jackie will be taking on a limited amount of regular (weekly to 2x/month) individual clients. If you are interested on being on a waiting list, contact Jackie today and an intake appointment will be set up with you beginning in August 2018.  There will be appointment availability for clients that desire or need to be seen as needed or 1x/month or less.  To schedule an intake: contact or call 712-490-7705.

Clients will schedule with Jackie after each session for the next session.  Clients can schedule up to two sessions at a time.  Jackie’s schedule may vary from week to week.  Day and evening appointments are available and there will be limited weekend appointments available. 




Jackie guides healing by weaving mind and body together into the therapeutic process. Clients can expect traditional talk therapy that is paired with dynamic experiential processes such as movement, metaphor and mindfulness based experiences.  More research is proving that the mind only holds a superficial level of healing and that to truly work through our deep habits, pains and traumas that continue to disrupt our relationships, lives and connection to ourselves - we must go into the body and the subconscious experiences within.  When we connect to the intuition, especially as women, that is housed within the physical body alongside of the the intelligence of the mind, you will empower a deep layer of release, awareness, and resilience that will permeate your whole life.  

Jackie Paulson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Eagala Certified Facilitator and Registered 500Hour Yoga Instructor.  She has 10+ years of experience in the helping field and offers holistic therapies that combine an East meets West approach to therapy.  Jackie specializes in working with adults who may be experiencing a wide array of concerns; including, but not limited to:

  • Concerns related to self worth, identity and purpose

  • Life transitions such as loss, divorce/relationship changes, career exploration
  • Relationship and Intimacy Concerns 
  • Concerns related to sexuality and physical intimacy 
  • Anxiety and Depression 
  • Trauma (acute or historical, ancestoral, “big and little T traumas”)
  • Codependency and Addiction, relationship concerns and life transitions. 

Ultimately Jackie offers a humanistic approach and her overall hope is to empower individuals to seek and connect into their own deep and sacred wisdom that resides within them.  Your body holds the answers you are seeking.  Jackie believes that each person has an innate ability to heal themselves and journey through any experience with the right support.  She believes in your capacity to heal.  

Jackie also offers professional consultation as needed for both therapy & helping providers and Yoga Teachers/Students.  Contact Jackie to discuss.