“I am the sovereign queen, the treasury of all treasures, whose breathing forth gives birth to all the worlds and yet extends beyond them - so vast am I in greatness.” 

{ Devi Sukta }

greet the goddess within

Join Jackie for this 6 Session Series for women that will involve a deep exploration into the inner workings of your life.

Utilizing experiential processes of mythology, tantra yoga, depth psychology, ritual, meditation, sacred body movement and work with horses - we will examine diverse Goddess Archetypes, their stories, and how they relate to various aspects of our psyches, behaviors and life patterns, both light and dark.

This will be a group process that will challenge the samskaras (or habits) that may be blocking your ability to live in a way that is connected to your deepest heart truth.  Be prepared to journey into the shadows, be present with what is and shift into the expanse of creative energy and dynamic self-love.

Space will be limited to 9 sisters, allowing a deeply intimate experience for all.

Session #1: The Initiatory Process: The Journey Begins

Session #2: Fire Goddesses of Destruction and Transformation

Session #3: Water Goddesses of Sensuality and Flow

Session #4: Earth Goddesses of Nourishment and Stability

Session #5: Air and Space Goddesses of Transcendence and Dissolution

Session #6: Integration and Closing Ceremony


April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, May 6th and 13th
Sunday’s 10 AM - 4 PM 



Be Yoga Studio
1101 4th Street Suite 3E
Sioux City, IA 51101


Payment Plan available up front at the time of registration. 

what's included?

A Guide to the Goddess manual.
A communal Facebook group with other sisters.
An afternoon with horses.
One private shadow-work session with Jackie.