vinyasa flow

Expect to flow! Creative and intelligently sequences, our vinyasa classes are backed by intention and philosophy. Not only will you move the body, but you’ll likely move the mind as well. The heart of our vinyasa practice is Surya Namaskar A which is used to warm or reset the body in between sequences. Come breathe. Come flow. Come play.

heated vinyasa flow + candlelight flow

A twist on regular vinyasa classes, just heated! Heated classes give the body more wiggle room- it takes less time to warm up, giving you an opportunity to play the edges of deeper postures. Sweat, flow, play, detox. Let go.

slow power flow

Depth + movement + the integrity of strength. Our slow power classes are perfect for exploration of poses while building heat in the body. Expect to hold postures for a longer amount of time to get deep into the body and the breath. The pace of a slow flow with more focus on long holds to build strength in mind and body.

gentle flow

A perfect lunch hour break. You likely won’t even need to change your attire unless you prefer it! (Not kidding- showing up in your work clothes is totally fine!) This 45 minute class will offer you just enough for a mid day break so that you can finish your day feeling centered and at ease.

Stress reduction is the key factor to all health and this class will change your whole work day. 30 minutes of gentle flow followed by a 15 minute meditation in a deeply restorative posture.

yin + yoga nidra

Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. In this class you will remain on your back, sides, belly or seat for a majority of the class. This practice targets the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body we miss in more active practices.

We sweeten the deal at {be} by adding in Yoga Nidra into some of our classes. Yoga Nidra is a style of “yogic sleep” where the student is guided into deep wave patterns in the brain – offering extremely relaxing and stress reducing benefits.

rasa yoga + meditation

Welcome hOMe. This morning class is inspired by the teachings of Rasa! Although rasa is a word that is rich with meanings, we define it in this class as essence, nectar and divine love!  This morning experience will gently wake you up to your week, then revive the bliss within your heart, leaving you more ignited then ever before.  Except to experience some of the Tantric teachings of Mantra, Mudra and Movement! Inspired by Jackie’s teacher, Sianna Sherman.

kripalu style flow

Kripalu means ‘being compassionate’, and a Kripalu yoga class empowers you to make your practice yours. Practice begins slowly with a centering and warm up, and moves into a mindful flow where you and your breath is in charge. Emphasis is placed on allowing you to get grounded in the present through the physical experience of moving.

trauma sensitive class


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