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yatha pindande, tatha brahmande
"whatever is in the body is also in the universe."

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Located on Historic 4th Street in downtown Sioux City! We guide individuals and communities to thrive through creative and purposeful practices. Our mission is fueled by our passion to assist students in fulfilling the meaning and purpose in their lives.

Our deeply intentional movement arts studio empowers people, supports communities and believes in the limitless potential of desire paired with possibility. We strive to offer our students authentic interaction and a real world approach to life. Come see how we can assist you on your journey to vibrant living.

Practice and all is coming. We believe yoga is a movement art form designed to help us dive deep into our hearts and souls and explore the Self within!


From holistic counseling to equine psychotherapy, Jackie offers a range of healing modalities to help you on your journey.

inspired living

Go deeper. We offer a range of series, workshops, and trainings designed to inspire your life and create depth. Study the Self and be found.

Expand your Practice. Expand your Life.


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  • even try our aerial classes!
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  • first week free!
  • drop in / $15
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  • 10 classes / $80 (1yr expiration)
  • 1 month unlimited for $100
  • 6 months unlimited for $500
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aerial yoga

  • drop in for $15
  • included in regular packages!
  • intro to aerial class required!


"Forget all of your ideas about the body- it's this way or that way.
Just be with any area of it.
This present body, as permeated with limitless space,
drenched in freedom.
The Radiance Sutras, Lorin Roche

Jackie opened {be}Studio to offer the community a deeply intentional studio that is rooted in the foundations of the Practice

We offer classes and services that will bring people to experience a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives - to realize that you are worthy and capable to achieve your goals - physical, mental or spiritual.

The studio space is designed to be a sanctuary of joy and a soft place to land - whether it be hanging out with some friends or finding comfort in the silence of your mat. All of the teachers, classes, programs and offerings are intelligently designed to assist you in finding your Self.

Come join us in the divine exploration of the body, heart, and spirit- it's an individual journey, but our mission is to help you find light along the way.

  • {be}CREATIVE

    To create an environment where physical and mental thriving takes place through education, experience and connections that are sacred, sound and rich with possibility.

  • {be}INSPIRED

    Weaving the threads of body and soul, this studio embodies and ignites passionate living and meaningful relationships with one's self, others and the world around them.


    A space to explore, cultivate and create; we empower liberated movement in body, mind and spirit. We believe by illuminating our heart's authentic desires, we move towards contentment.

  • {be}ROOTED

    We acknowledge and respect the ancient art and practice of yoga; rooted in tantra and buoyed by ayurveda. Self study and studentship are priorities in our teachings and in our own practices. We translate this wisdom into real world skills.

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